windscreen replacement in Blackpool car window glass
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Ten reasons why a windscreen repair is best

  • 1. Save hundreds of pounds avoiding a new windscreen
  • 2. You can fail your MOT with a chip on your windscreen
  • 3. When driving, your eyes can be taken off the road by a chip in your windscreen, this could lead to an accident
  • 4. Having a windscreen replaced can affect the warranty against corrosion on your vehicle
  • 5. If you don’t repair a chip, it will grow, and crack your windscreen
  • 6. Full strength is regained once your windscreen has been repaired
  • 7. The longer you leave a chip, the harder it is to fix, moisture and contamination becomes harder to remove
  • 8. If the glue used to fit the windscreen is not applied correctly, leaking and wind noise can occur, which usually means
    the job needs to be done again
  • 9. When removing a windscreen, very sharp tools are used, scratches to the paint work, dashboard and side pillars
    can be caused.
  • 10. Glass shards can become trapped in your air vents if not cleaned properly

windscreen crack repair

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