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Car Windscreen Service. Replacements And Repairs.

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The map below shows the area we cover which includes Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston, Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester and Liverpool

Lancashire map

01: Accrington 02: Ambleside
03: Barnoldswick 04: Birkenhead
05: Bispham 06: Blackburn
07: Blackpool 08: Blackrod
09: Bolton 10: Bootle
11: Burnley 12: Carnforth
13: Chorley 14: Cleveleys
15: Clitheroe 16: Coppull
17: Crosby 18: Darwin
19: Earby 20: Eccles
21: Fleetwood 22: Freckleton
23: Formby 24: Galgate
25: Garstang 26: Halifax
27: Horwich 28: Inskip
29: Irlam 30: Kendal
31: Kirkby 32: Lancaster
33: Leyland 34: Liverpool
35: Lytham 36: Manchester
37: Morecambe 38: Nelson
39: Oldham 40: Ormskirk
41: Preston 42: Ramsbottom
43: Rawtenstall 44: Skelmersdale
45: Skipton 46: Southport
47: Thornton 48: Ulverston
49: Warrington 50: Wigan
51: Windermere  
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Car window replacement

Our main area of coverage is - Blackpool - Lancaster - Preston - Lancashire - Manchester - Liverpool - Wigan

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We can get you covered almost anywhere in the UK, just fill in the online quote form or give us a call or click above.

All the windscreen companies in our UK network are local to you, plus we are all independent companies we are not a national company. We have your best interest in the forefront of our minds because at the end of the day its you the customers that keep us in business.


We are upto 50% cheaper than the well known windscreen companies. We guarantee you a reliable professional mobile service.

We use the very latest tools and equipment, we use the very best adhesives and primers available to us in the windscreen industry and in our eyes our equipment is the best available giving you great windscreen repairs and replacements.

We offer you the best quality repair and replacement service in the area for any car windshields, heated rears, door glass, quarter glass, and at great prices.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE.. Getting your car windscreen replaced at the cheapest possible price is not always a good idea. You get what you pay for.

Cheap price means cheap job. At Mr Chip you get great competitive prices with a job finished to the highest possible standards. We always put your safety first every time.

So why bother trying to save a fiver here or a tenner there, just give Mr Chip a call and get the job you deserve. The windscreen is a very important part of the vehicles structure, if the windscreen is not replaced correctly it could leak, rust or come away from the vehicle in an accident.

Here at Mr Chip windscreens our car windscreen replacement prices are cheap for you the people of Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston, Lancashire and the UK. Why not fill in our online quote form or just give us a call and find out how much our cheap replacement cost really are. Our online quote form is designed to make your experience with Mr Chip easy and fast, we guarantee that you will be contacted within 30 minutes. Claiming for Car window replacements could affect your no claims and your premium on your car insurance so I always say to my customers phone and make sure claiming for your car glass wont affect your car insurance. Because we dont do any work for the insurance companies we offer you the third party insured customer cheap windscreen replacement prices just phone for a quote and see how cheap our prices really are. Our windscreen replacement cost are cheap but that doesnt mean you get a cheap job, no you get a life time guarantee and a job finished to the best possible standards.

Our Car Windscreen Replacement Service. If your car glass is damaged beyond repair you will need a full car windscreen replacement. Replacing a windscreen must only be performed by a qualified windshield technicians who knows what they are doing; time and time again we come across replaced windscreens that have been changed by unqualified people. A windscreen is part of the structure of the vehicle the adhesives used are specially designed for the automotive glazing industry and must be used with the correct primer procedures specified by the adhesive manufacturer. If a car is involved in a head on crash sensors detect the crash and immediately activate the airbag so to protect the people in the vehicle. After the airbag has gone off, the airbag can soak up a significant amount of force as the full weight of a person makes impact. To work correctly the airbag needs the bonded windscreen, if the windscreen replacement has not been replaced correctly or the correct procedures were not followed the new car glass could come away from the vehicle body putting the people inside the vehicle at risk of serious injuries. Another bad practice with cowboy companies is when they are performing windscreen replacements and they cut back the old glue on the car body they do not put primer on exposed metal which has been caused by a Sharp knife or something similar, the result of this is corrosion which usually totally destroys the vehicle and could lead to leaks etc. Our Car Windscreen Repair Services. In some very rare cases windscreens repairs could still crack after being repaired so for that reason we don`t guarantee stone chip repairs but everything else is covered with are guarantee. A windscreen repair will never disappears completely, there will always be some sort of visible mark. The quicker you get the stone chip repaired the better the result. There are about eight different types of stone chips. There are Bulls Eye, Half Moon, Star Break, Combination, Bats Wing, Clover Leaf, A Crack and a scratch. All these chips are repairable with the correct equipment. It is always best to have a stone chip fixed as soon as possible the reason for that is water contamination and cracking off the car window chip. Rain can enter the windscreen repair very quickly and must be evaporated from the windshield with heat, if moisture is left in the chip there is a good chance the stone chip could crack after the job has been completed. If a car windscreen repair is left for a long period moisture attacks the PVB interlayer in your car glass, the result of that is a milky white color which is permanent and cannot be removed from the glass. A scratched car window can be polished out but it's not a task we undertake at Mr Chip. But give us a call and we can give you advice on how to buy the correct product and do it yourself, which will save you money. The prices for the powder is very cheap you can polish any of your glass windows with this powder. But if you can feel the scratched glass with your finger nail then do not polish. The reason for that are a scratch needs to be polished out which means grinding layers of the glass away resulting in a concave affect on the screen which in our opinion looks has bad as the scratched glass, but yes scratched windshield can be polished within reason. The MOT laws for car windscreen repairs are, if a rock chip is in the A zone it can be no bigger than 10 mm in diameter, if the stone chip is anywhere else on your car glass that is called the B zone, your damage can be no bigger than 40 mm in diameter. The A zone is the area directly in the drivers view. Getting your car glass repaired will save you money and return your windshield back to its full strength. Here at Mr Chip Windscreens we use the best repair equipment you can buy and the best resins which all give fantastic results for your stone chip repairs. And we offer a very cheap competitive windscreen repair cost. If you look at ten reasons for a repair on our website you will see a short video clip, it shows you the equipment we use and how we use it. Blackpool. .  

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